My philosophy of teaching is one of global education.

A global education means two things to me: One that includes the perspectives of the multicultural, connected society in which we live, and one that provides students with a comprehensive education that includes, but does not limit, learning to what is in the curriculum.

I am from the United Kingdom and, therefore, I will be able offer my class a perspective different from the United States’ macroculture. My library will be one in which all perspectives are valued. Thus, I will encourage multicultural input and celebration of diversity. I believe students have much to learn from one another and from the inclusion of multiple cultural points of view: It opens the door to new worlds and ideas for them.

My library will be one in which children are encouraged to explore, take educational risks, and develop their social skills. I believe children should come into school every day excited about what new academic adventures the day holds. I will do this by including technology, games, collaborative learning, and other activities to get the children out of their seats and actively participating in learning experiences. I will be dedicated to intellectual freedom for all students, ensuring students have access to the materials they need and the chance to express their learning in many ways. I will be the advocate for the child who needs it and will always strive to find the key that unlocks the joy of learning in each child.

As part of a global education philosophy, I believe strongly in teaching social skills to children and creating a school culture in which we are a family unit that displays respect, dignity, and strong moral values. Through books and various forms of media, I will aim to represent all cultures so that every child finds themselves reflected in the library collection.

Part of my global ethos is to include all relevant parties in the education of the students. It is very important to me to build active relationships with the parents and guardians of my students: Children need the encouragement of learning to follow them out of the school and into their homes. I am a communicator by nature and, therefore, I will find the best way to engage with the parents and do it frequently. Hopefully, they will come to find that the library is a place where all members of the family are welcome to explore, ask questions, and participate in activities.

Equally, I believe it is crucial to have positive, active working relationships with my colleagues so we can find the best way to use our curricula for the benefit of our students and use one another as resources of knowledge and support. These kinds of personal relationships are very important to me.

My philosophy of a global education is rooted in my belief that every child is valuable, important and worthy of respect. In my library — and throughout my school — I will embody my philosophy by promoting acceptance, strong values, and kindness. I believe nothing is more important than putting students in a position where they can not only move up to the next grade, but also move out into their communities and promote a love of learning through mutual respect and acts of humanity.