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Community Connection

A local retirement community surprised our campus during Read Across America week by bringing this beautiful bench they made to our library!

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They made them for a few randomly selected schools in the area and delivered them dressed in incredible outfits!

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Very few schools are lucky enough to be reached out to by people like these wonderful retirees, so we must make all the effort we can to connect with community organizations. Whether it is reading buddies, volunteers in the library, or fundraising, librarians need the local community to invest in the school.

Elementary, Elementary School

STEM Think Tanks

In my 4th grade classroom we have a daily intervention time for students to be seen for extra subject help. Those that don’t need additional support have “think tank” time where they do enrichment activities. This semester, I’ve given the students some STEM problem solving activities to do. They have so enjoyed getting hands on to solve challenges and test things out! I look forward to incorporating STEM into my future library and challenging our students to think outside of the box! This video shows the two students who were the only group who figured out how to solve this “Earthquake” problem where they had to create a structure that can withstand 20 shakes on the platform. IMG_1761


Elementary, Elementary School

Dr. Seuss/Read Across America Week

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I worked Friday and Saturday at school to prepare our school for Read Across America/Dr. Seuss week. The librarian and I set out decorations, displays, and QR codes for a Seuss scavenger hunt around campus. Students in 3rd-5th grade are challenged to fill out a Google form for each book they read and younger grades fill out simple slips of paper. Each book equals 1 mile and we give them 2 weeks to read 3,300 books (number of miles across USA east to west). It’s a fun annual activity which also gives us a week of dressing up to a different theme each day. The kids and teachers love special reading activities like this and it really gets the kids excited.

High School

The Librarian as an Expert

I spoke at length this week with a high school librarian at a local school. He blew me away! His years of librarianship coupled with a natural thirst for knowledge have made him this expert across multiple fields with a hugely broad scope of knowledge. Not only is he providing typical library services to students, but he is also managing the International Baccalaureate capstone projects (which are no small thing) and providing community outreach for adults in the area. In addition, he creates content rich web pages for students to access collated information and serves as a resource for students struggling in school. We spoke at length about the high school library being a safe haven for students who don’t feel they belong elsewhere in the school. He said that the book clubs his colleague runs are bursting with students who are seen as loners or who are struggling with identity issues. The library has become the safe space for the LGBTQ community on campus and for students whose home lives affect their ability to fit in at school. I love the knowledge that the library is the open-minded, welcoming place for every single person who walks through the doors!


Though the librarian I spoke with may not know everything, he is an expert at knowing where to go to find the information. And that, at the end of the day, is the job of the librarian: Be the connection between patron needs and the information they need.