Book Reviews & Trailers

Below are 10 book reviews about books of various genres for my Introduction to Youth Literature class. You can also watch the book trailers I created for class on the Book Trailers page.


Module 2: Owl Moon

Book Summary: This is the story of a child (it does not say it is a girl, but in the illustrations it appears to be so) who goes out owling with her father for the first time. By the light of a bright moon they head into the forest. Jane Yolen uses beautiful figurative and sensory… Continue reading Module 2: Owl Moon

Module 1: The Snowman

Book Summary: In this very sweet picture book, a young boy (named as James in later editions where text was added) builds a large snowman one winter when it begins to snow, taking care to dress him neatly and give him a hat and scarf. When he goes to sleep that night, the snowman comes… Continue reading Module 1: The Snowman

Module 3: Looking for Alaska

Book Summary: Miles “Pudge” Halter is a bright teenager who doesn’t have many friends in Florida. He leaves his school in Florida and goes away to the Alabama boarding school his father had once attended. While there he makes good friends including his math genius roommate who goes by the name the Colonel, a Japanese student… Continue reading Module 3: Looking for Alaska

Module 5: Cosmic

Book Summary: Liam is tall and hairy for a 12 year old and is frequently mistaken for an adult, so much so that he plays up being his friend Florida’s dad to buy things. He is also gifted and talented, and precocious with it. He ends up winning a competition to go to a mysterious space… Continue reading Module 5: Cosmic

Module 9: Mirror Mirror

Book Summary: This is such a clever poetry book where the poems have one meaning when read downwards and a different meaning when read upwards. The illustrations accompanying the “reverso” poems are amusing and reflect the dual nature of the poems. The poems are themed around traditional fairytales. APA Reference of Book: Singer, M., & Massee,… Continue reading Module 9: Mirror Mirror